Depopulation & Land Grabbing – The World Bank – IMF

Wildlands Map of America 
Showing the areas out of bounds to human habitation

Page 993 of the US Global Biodiversity Assessment Wildlands Project plans to remove 50% of the United States population into urban areas or “Human Settlement Zones” consisting of high rise dwelling units that are to be situated near railway tracks . The railroad will be the main means transportation, private automobiles will not be permitted. The Obama Stimulus is a major source of funding for this project.

EU plans to re-wild 1 million hectares of land in UK by 2050 (2.47 million acres)

“ By 2030 farmers on the European continent will vacate around 75 million aces roughly the size of Poland to give way to re-wilding “

Mark Carney’s Fifty Shades of Green

International Land Grabbing – The World Bank/IMF involvement with United Nations

IMF /World Bank committed to  17 Sustainable Development Goals :

World Bank – IMF Guilty of Promoting Land Grabs, Increasing Inequality