Evolution of Agenda 21/2030 The New Green Deal

So far UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development has had many names, Smart Growth was to be brought into every town council in UK by 1995. 

The Millennium Project in 2000, 8 goals for the millennium were put in place to be achieved my 2015. When those goals passed, unachieved, Agenda 2030 was rolled out in Rome with the blessing of the Pope, the goals had been split into 17 goals to be achieved by 2030, same goals , just a little more detail. As people grew suspicious of the plan and began speaking out particularly in the US, they changed the name thinking they could simply re brand it and no one would notice. The latest incarnation is The Green New Deal

More about AGENDA 21 Green New Deal (PDF download)

Absolute-Zero – the British equivalent of the New Green Deal (PDF download)