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Connecting The Dots and Lies


CONNECTING THE DOTS AND LIES    UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development, COVID 19, Climate Change, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, The Great Reset and how they are all part of the same plan.   Agenda 21/2030 has been a long term […]



UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development, COVID 19, Climate Change, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, The Great Reset and how they are all part of the same plan.


Agenda 21/2030 has been a long term plan, roughly 40 years or so. Everything that is happening right now, which you may think are separate events are in fact all linked, and have all been part of a well thought out master plan for top down global governance.

We are now presented with the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution by the World Economic Forum, headed up by Klaus Schwab,

The WEF, the United Nations and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have all collaborated to bring about the extraordinary events of 2020 to a head.

I will endeavor to explain how this genius, long term master plan has been implemented over the years.

The Great Reset is a re branding of United Nation’s Agenda 2030.

The endgame of which is to have us all living in a technocratic, high surveillance, urban environment which they call Smart Cities.

A report from The Club of Rome, The First Global Revolution (1991) was commissioned by the UN to bring about a Global Action Plan to create an ideology that humans are bad for the planet, so the Earth Summit in Rio De Jeniro was planned to push this idea.

On page115 it states :

The common enemy of humanity is man

In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming , water shortages , famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.

The real enemy then is humanity itself.

So we are the new enemy in the 21st Century.

We now find that the 17 sustainable goals of Agenda 2030 (SDG’s 2015) are now woven into Schwab’s Great Reset and The 4th Industrial Revolution.

Last year, 13 June 2019 before the ‘pandemic’ the World Economic Forum and the United Nations signed a deal to accelerate the the goals of Agenda 21/2030 in New York.

It was called The Strategic Partnership Framework between Antonio Guterres( UN) and Klaus Schwab.

In fact The WEF say that the pandemic has presented a great opportunity to bring about social change that will re engineer the whole of society’

“You will own nothing and you will be happy” – Klaus Schwab 2020

Later on in October 2019 the World Economic Forum and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation held Event 201 at the John’s Hopkin’s Institute in New York. It was a table top scenario of or ‘What If?’ predictive programming exercise about a virus that escapes in a wet market in Brazil and becomes a global pandemic with a full vaccine roll out.

Very timely.

If you go to the WEF website they inform you that GDP is a thing of the past and it will be replaced by a new economy, an economy based on green taxes and data driven surveillance using Impact investing and human capital bonds linked to the block chain, something akin to the Chinese social credit system. They call it Stakeholder Capitalism where the human is the sole commodities.

The lockdown is a planned crash of the global economy to bring in total control.

We will be data harvested from cradle to grave and our outcomes traded like futures on the financial markets, our children forced into machine driven distanced education for this very purpose.

If you’re wondering where our arts have gone, theatre, festivals, concerts ? they will not be coming back in live form again as the world they have envisaged for us is one seen through the eyes of virtual reality headset.

You won’t need to travel , as you can experience it virtually,

From your smart city apartment , you can experience a walk in the countryside or the beach from the comfort of your sofa.

This sounds far fetched ? this technology is ready to roll.

The current system wasn’t perfect, and many people are seeing The Great Reset as a positive move against Capitalism, but what they have planned is far worse, with top down control of everything including the human condition. What they are peddling is a green utopia, in reality it is a technocratic dystopia which will have the human being merged with artificial intelligence via something called The Internet of Bodies.

This agenda is anti nature and anti human, it may, if left unchecked, ultimately lead to Trans-humanism, genocide and the end of the biological human human being.

This is for all to see


Sandi Adams

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