What is Agenda 21/2030 Who’s behind it ? Introduction



For the benefit of those who find UN Agenda 21/2030 difficult to comprehend, I have written this to attempt give you a better understanding of it.

You are forgiven for being confused or overwhelmed by this subject as it has been deliberately conflated in the past 30 years to lull you into believing that it is a harmless ‘Green” policy to create a utopian future, free from priced based economy and out of control rampant capitalism and consumerism.

If only that were true, from research that I have done over the past 10 years, in reading UN Agenda 21, The Global Diversity Assessment and the various Club of Rome reports that preceded them, I have come to the conclusion that it is a plan for Global Governance and re-engineering of human society that has little to do with preserving in-alienable human rights and freedoms, and how humanity has become the enemy in the eyes of those who endeavor to control.


I will first explain how agenda 21/2030 came into being at the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 and how, even if you have never heard of it, it will affect every area of your life.

I will explain too, how the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown is very much a part of the plan and how that it will affect humanity.


UN Agenda 21/2030 has an endgame, to force people from rural areas, to live in urban or Smart Cities by 2030/2040 in the name of saving the planet. It is in fact, a plan for UN Global control of mineral resources, land, water, energy, food supply, human beings and just about everything on earth.

This is not an environmental movement, it’s a plan for top down Global Governance.

The biggest lie that underpins Sustainable Development is the threat of global warming, now conveniently called Climate Change.

It is widely recognized by many peer reviewed scientists that the planet is in a period of cooling due to the inactivity of the sun and that CO2 levels follow the sun’s activity and humans can’t affect CO2 at the level being pushed by the IPCC and the media, in fact at this point in time we are headed for a cycle called the Grand Solar Minimum and temperatures in some parts of the globe will be getting significantly colder.

Interestingly in the 1991 Club of Rome Report, The First Global Revolution commissioned by the UN

Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider admit the lie of anthropogenic global warming, needing to create man as the enemy.


The common enemy of humanity is man.In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came upwith the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All thesedangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only throughchanged attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.The real enemy then, is humanity itself.

– Club of Rome, premier environmental think-tank,consultants to the United Nations

“Isn’t the only hope for the planet that theindustrialized civilizations collapse?Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

– Maurice Strong,

founder of the UN Environment Program, grandfather of Agenda 21, Secretary General of The UN 1983-1999. Leader of the Earth Summit.


So what if there was a covert aggressive plan for world control by the Club of Rome and The UN for “Global Governance” as they so openly call it ? to get their targeted victims to actually pull in the Trojan Horse of their own destruction, to welcome it, celebrate it, even pay for it.

Anyone opposing this plan would pose as a direct threat to humanity, with people voluntarily surrendering their rights, freedoms and sovereignty.

What could possibly make people accept such servitude, collectively forgetting their history and culture?

How about Environmental Armageddon?


UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development – was launched at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro by the billionaire banker, businessman and convicted criminal, Maurice Strong, Edmond de Rothschild, David Rockefeller, AL Gore, George Soros and many more corporate billionaires, globalists, paid climate lobbyists/ activists and policy makers.

Prior to that it had just been an idea put forward by the UN Club of Rome Report Brundtland Commission on global equality, called Our Common Future.

It was effectively a second Marshall Plan to redistribute the economies of the ‘developed polluters in the west’ to the underdeveloped counties such as India, Africa and China to help their economies.

This sounded like a very worthy plan at the time, however it’s has proven to be yet another way for the World Bank to shift financial power to the neo colonials, the banks, corporations and tech companies that are currently destroying the livelihoods and plundering the resources of the very people who were supposed to benefit, in the in the name of United Nations Sustainable Development, Agenda 21.

179 countries signed up to UN Agenda 21, a 42-chapter document that would re-engineer society and economies using anthropogenic global warming as the excuse, later it was called Climate Change, as the climate didn’t heat to the degree of their predictions or climate models.

50,000 heads of state, diplomats, and NGO’s hailed agenda 21 as:


“The comprehensive blueprint for the re-organization of human society” – in other words, a social engineering experiment.


Maurice Strong and his cronies financed the IPCC, a panel of policy makers to push the flawed science to back up this plan and bring climate policy from global to local.


So, who benefits?


The creators of this plan had already set up the carbon banks (Al Gore set up the Chicago Climate Exchange with Obama in the 90’s) and since then hundreds carbon cap and trade financial instruments have been created to tax us all ‘on every human action’.

They have since set up NGO’s and Corporations to control just about every resource on the planet.


With the help of NGO’s, Public Private Partnerships, lobbyists and activists, Sustainable Development policies have now been implemented in every town council in the UK and globally via ICLEI The International Council for Environmental Initiatives.


Agenda 21 became Agenda 2030 in Sept 2015 in Rome, with the Pope’s blessing with 17 clear goals put in place to achieve its end game, along with the aim of reducing CO2 to zero by 2030 to ‘save the planet’

So, the blueprint is now drawn for the roll out of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ as mentioned on the World Economic Forum’s website this week.

These Elitists funded Greta Thunberg and XR to push this revolution and get the seed of this control plan into the minds of the masses.

The endgame of Agenda 21/2030 is to live in a highly technocratic re-engineered society where every human action has a carbon cost.

The action plan following the Earth Summit was The Global Diversity Assessment, a 1500 page document published in 1997,  it was a blueprint for the roll out of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an inventory of every resource on the planet how it would be controlled ,and how this revolution would be achieved.

Human beings don’t fit very well into this plan.

They have since set up NGO’s and Corporations to control just about every resource on the globe.

Sustainable Development aims to control every aspect of our lives, where we live, what we eat, how we reproduce, the air we breathe, freedom of movement, control of population, pharmaceuticals, education, telecoms, everything.

What selfish zealot would oppose this to save Mother Earth?

Agenda 21 seeks to destroy representative government by local councils. The Sustainable Development grant schemes given to non-elected Public Private Partnerships and NGO’s gives them power over our elected councils, soon to be devolved into Regional Councils, who are unelected and have no responsibility to the people, only to the big businesses and corporations they mutually support.

Effectively the government is hiding behind a powerful corporatocracy of NGO’s and Corporations posing as “community developers” taking the voter further away from local government decision making.

You may hear your town council supporting seemingly “Green” projects like restricting car usage and parking, Mini Holland schemes, pedestrianization, heritage schemes , bike highways, managed retreats, traffic calming, smart meters, smart cities, vibrant, healthy, walkable, cyclable, sustainable, live-able communities and preferred development areas.

This is all about big business shored up by tax payers money as “stakeholders”

These grant funded projects will, by 2040, have us living away from rural areas, by banning all diesel, hybrid and petrol cars, closing local amenities, banks, post offices, shops, businesses, schools, exiling us to the “Smart” Cities, living in “intelligent“ stack and pack housing, which will never be owned.

Everything will be on your door step, so you don’t have to leave, where every aspect of your life will be managed, controlled and surveilled by the internet of things (IOT) powered by 5G.

Your personal information will be data harvested and sold on to third parties.

The major Smart Cities according to the Huawei Smart City Index are as follows;

London, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh with smaller schemes in Sheffield and Milton Keynes, all linked by the HS2 railway.

Bristol is forging ahead, being the Flagship Smart City of Europe, with the IOT currently being installed, 5G sensors on all street furniture and driverless cars tested.

London is now a designated Preferred Development Area, with rampant social cleansing operations in place by planners, and councils alike, the eradication of people from council housing, refurbishing, and selling off their homes at extortionate prices and relocating the poor outside the M25.

If this sounds Orwellian, it is.

The Green New Deal would have stripped us of our assets in any event, but COV 19 has speeded up this process exponentially.


How You Are Being Asset Stripped by Global Policy?

Whist we are all in lockdown and our economy is crashing around us maybe it’s time to start questioning the decisions being made by our ‘leaders’.

Firstly, COV19 was downgraded by PHE from a HCID (Highly Contagious Infectious Disease) on the 19 March 2020, just before the lockdown.

It was Neil Ferguson’s flawed computer models from Imperial College saying that 500.000 people would die in the UK that scared Boris Johnson into lockdown, even though the statistics of the disease were not at pandemic proportions.

Neil Ferguson then announced that deaths would be more like 250.000 then, 20.000 and so the projected figures went down to around 5.000, figures in keeping with seasonal flu.

Interestingly Imperial College receives large amounts of funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who are rolling out the vaccine program and stand to make billions out of it.

The ‘pandemic’ aside, little is being said about the global economy, currently at a standstill, and we have to ask, why?

We have been overdue a financial crash since the last bail out in 2008 where the US subprime market was given as the reason to crash the economy and rescue the banks, creating more debt for the people, whilst successfully achieving a massive consolidation of power for the central banks.

The next crash will be blamed the COVID 19 lockdown.

The World Economic Forum’s website is clear.

Under the heading ‘Beyond GDP’ they state:


‘Is our love affair with Gross Domestic Product coming to an end? As the business landscape re invents itself, demographics shift, inequality expands, climate change gets worse and technology advances at breakneck speed. Gross Domestic Product is struggling to stay relevant. In order to keep up with the changes wrought by The Fourth Industrial Revolution, many are arguing that we need to find a new measure to assess the health of our economies and – more importantly the people living in them.

We are examining the past, present and future role of GDP and the new economic models that could replace it.’


So how do you sustain a global population without GDP?

They continue:


‘The World bank and the IMF are being asked to throw away their rulebooks to save the world’s imperiled developing economies.

But when the pandemic passes, a fiscal reckoning in some form will be essential.

After all, the bill for the pandemic will one day fall due, and governments will need to be far more certain than they are today that businesses and individuals will be able to pay their fair share of tax. This will occur in a global-governance environment that was already changing radically, owing to the impact of digital technologies.’


So, we are talking about global economic reset here, based on a carbon economy and zero economic growth, it’s about rolling out the planned Universal Basic Income to the people.

In order to receive this benefit, you will become the compliant “Global Citizen” conforming to the statutes of your government, with a similar social credit system as China, where privileges and access to money essential living needs will be denied if you dissent.

Things will never go back to normal; this is the plan laid in front of us, the New Normal.

Agenda 21/2030 – Much of this is explained in the Global Diversity Assessment

Depopulation /Vaccines, Reproductive Health

(1D 2020  micro chipping – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)

Smart Cities, or “Human Settlement Zones “  as they are called on page 993 0f the GDA – populations moved from rural areas into these highly technocratic urban environments leaving rural areas to ‘rewild’.


Everything controlled by the Internet of Things and 5G

Crippling carbon taxation and monitoring of every human action.

Surveillance and monitoring of people, private and public

Increased police and military powers.

Restriction of movement, no cars or plane travel for pleasure or private use.

Control of all means of production (patents)

Data harvesting

Cashless crypto monetary system using implanted ID Chips like the Chinese system.

The death of private property ownership (asset stripping, the banks and government to own everything)

Rolling back of human rights.

This lockdown is ticking all the boxes to usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution as the World Economic Forum have stated, businesses will never recover and there will be mass bankruptcies and asset stripping.

This New Economic Order they speak of is The Green New Deal.

Mark Carney, ex-governor of the Bank of England has this new green economy, or ‘New Economic Order waiting in the wings when the planned inevitable crash occurs.

The NGD has its own problems which will further push us into poverty, it is a tax on everything, and designed to destroy home ownership and businesses alike by means of asset stripping, crippling taxation and green regulations that will kill small businesses.

Along with doing away with all means of energy production, with the exception of renewables, which defies common economic sense. Renewables currently only provide us with a fraction of the energy needed to shore up the grid when at peak capacity.

This will in turn lead to shortages, sadly not many people are aware of the legislation that the GND has in place.

By 2025 every home in the UK will have to undergo retrofitting to bring them up to eco standards, this could cost up to £30,000 per household forcing remortgages and debt. Those EPC certificates that no one takes any notice of on estate agent’s details will kick in big time.

All gas boilers, gas cookers and wood burning stoves to be outlawed by 2025.

With the lack of transport, local resources and crippling carbon taxes, people will be forced to vacate the countryside to the smart cities.

No diesel, petroleum or hybrid cars by 2035, all electric.

All farming to be centralized into mega farms using 5G and AI robotic equipment with replacement protein insect biomass production to reduce meat production.

All farms to be electrified, small private family farms to be scaled down and farmers to become land managers, effectively retired and paid to rewild their land.

All this is found in this government document from the food and drink sector report.


The irony is, the extraction of the very minerals needed for our new green technologies will result in a weakening of the resilience of eco systems that buffer us from, and mitigate the impacts of pollution, also causing  havoc for third world countries like the Congo where children are dying whilst mining lithium and cobalt for green technologies.

So, what has 5G and COV19 got to do with all this?

The system that will bring this whole agenda forward, it is reliant on 5G microwave technology which has been proven to be harmful to human beings and any natural biology be it plant or animal.

The Internet of Things and smart tech needs it to function in the Smart Cities.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have bought their way into Big Pharma, NGO’s and even the BBC with their vaccine program and de-population propaganda, which has already killed and maimed many children in Africa, India and South America.

Gates had to be thrown out of India by the NAB for his malpractice on vaccines.

The mandatory vaccine plan and ID2020 will enslave and control humans within this dystopian system of Global Governance.

The COV19 was very timely to speed up the plan.

5G exacerbates the efficacy of CoV19 (see Dr Buttar – London Real)

Its nature is to kill the elderly and immune deficient.

It was put into action at a meeting called Event 201 hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The World Economic Forum

in NYC at John’s Hopkins Centre in 2019, with a simulation of a zoonotic Coronavirus contagion that starts in Brazil, then spreads to China and the rest of the world.

The lock down must stop and soon, it is the means to crash the economy, impoverish everyone, bring in the microchips/ vaccines 5G and bring the whole world under Global Governance.

If you care about your children and grandchildren’s future, join us in our fight to save humanity. It’s now or never.


How can we fight this?


So far UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development has had many names, Smart Growth was to be brought into every town council in UK by 1995.

The Millennium Project in 2000, 8 goals for the millennium were put in place to be achieved my 2015.

When those goals passed, unachieved, Agenda 2030 was rolled out in Rome with the blessing of the Pope, the goals had been split into 17 goals to be achieved by 2030, same goals, just a little more detail. As people grew suspicious of the plan and began speaking out particularly in the US, they changed the name, thinking they could simply re brand it and no one would notice. The latest incarnation is The Green New Deal.

The more people start opposing these policies and see them for what they are, the better able they are to fight it.

Simply by asking questions at your local council meetings and not giving up and persisting in getting answers, can progress be made. Oppose the citizen’s assemblies, as they are a means of consensus-based decision making, they are controlled by facilitators mentoring you into a pre- determined outcome using something called Delphi Technique to get the legislation required pushed through with the people’s “consent”

Hold your elected representatives to account, before they become Regional Councils, make your councilors aware that you know what’s going on, they rely on your ignorance.

It can be done, there is a huge movement in the US opposing Agenda21/ Green New Deal because people are seeing trough the deception … we need to wake up if we are to have a future for our children and grandchildren.

We have to oppose this!




To find all the information to back up everything said in this document, please go to my website sandiadams.uk