Re Wilding


•This was the initial conference that would bring forth the World Bank’s Global Environmental Facility

•Public and private protected areas covering millions of acres of land globally.

•Multi lateral efforts to restore and protect wilderness across national boundaries 

•Rewilding everywhere.

Page 993 of the US Global Biodiversity Assessment Wildlands Project plans to remove 50% of the United States population into urban areas or “Human Settlement Zones” consisting of high rise dwelling units that are to be situated near railway tracks . The railroad will be the main means transportation, private automobiles will not be permitted. The Obama Stimulus is a major source of funding for this project.

EU plans to re-wild 1 million hectares of land in UK by 2050 (2.47 million acres)

“ By 2030 farmers on the European continent will vacate around 75 million aces roughly the size of Poland to give way to re-wilding “


Wild 11 Conference Jaipur India March 19-22 2020

•The privatisation and financialisation of nature

•Launching a BRICS (Brazil,Russia,India,China, S. Africa)  Forming a Leadership Council.

•A Global Call for Action.

•UN to end the ”6th Extinction” by protecting half the earth.

•Communities to restore and protect their wildlands

Plan to re-wild 50% of the planet by 2050